other Washington Post Sunday crossword, January 22 (contains answers)


Title: Inside the Beltway
Theme entries: phrases that can be read as containing references to Washington institutions

103A, Senate worker after a banquet?: FULL PAGE
64A, Advisers moonlighting as manicurists?: FILING CABINET

Things I learned, with web links so you can learn them too:

33A, Former Chicago conductor: SOLTI
57A, Valletta’s land: MALTA
71A, Rwanda’s capital: KIGALI [you’ll note the G is missing; I couldn’t remember at the time]
101A, Waterfall effect: SUNBOW
113A, Seine feeder: OISE
5D, Teammate of Duke: PEEWEE [though I’d heard of both of them, I didn’t know what team they played for]
25D, Tim of old oaters: HOLT
61D, Showy lilies: SEGOS [see 71A]
74D, Ill-gotten loot: PELF
93D, A Grover veep: ADLAI [this is flabbergasting to me; I had no idea the one from the 1950s was a political scion.]
102D, Citrus hybrid: UGLI

I changed 4 squares and looked up 11 things.