general Things I’ve thought about today that’ve made me happy

The “Lift ‘n’ Peel” cap under the screw cap on squeeze bottles of things like mayo and jelly and salad dressing.

The tattoos on the girl who cuts my hair.

Jasper has begun picking things up in his mouth and carrying them to other places, which I didn’t realize he wasn’t doing until just last week. This morning I found a toy upstairs that I know was downstairs. This toy is as long as Jasper’s whole body (it’s a ball on a spring). Later, I saw him carry it out from under a chair.

As always, Sophia is learning such cool stuff in Montessori school.

There was a guy on The Price Is Right today wearing a Toledo Mud Hens jersey.

I changed an annoying light bulb (it requires standing on a chair at the top of the stairs) and washed my down comforter.

Greendimes must work: I haven’t gotten any junk mail in weeks.