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fuckthat Dentist and cookies (unrelated)

The dentist wasn’t bad at all. I feel silly for having been so scared. I took a Vicodin before I went, and I know it relaxed me, but next time (March 16) I think I can skip it. I didn’t feel a thing that was unpleasant, except maybe a couple twinges of vibration from the drill that sent chills down my spine. No actual pain. She even used a topical gel to numb my gum before the novocaine injection. I don’t remember that from childhood.

I did not care for the sound of the drill, of course, but I listened to my iPod (Portable EFO Show, mostly, hee) the whole time. I found the Brown daughters’ deaths very comforting in my time of stress.

I’m a quarter of the way done with the fillings, I think. She did the upper right. It cost seven hundred dollars. Be kind to your dental insurance and treasure it.

In unrelated news: You may recall last summer when I posted a photo of a treadmill on the grass around the commuter parking lot down the street. I invented a new category to cover objects like that, discarded in odd places. A few days ago I finally found a second example.

Also unrelated, I got an annual summary from Chase for my Visa card with them. It’s pretty horrifying.


Now, this is my Amazon card, and that’s really the only place I use it regularly, and the amounts in question are pretty small ($700 over the whole year), so it’s misleading, but still.

fuckthat New Feature

We’re starting a new feature today here at she’s the one. It’s called Forgotten Unwanted Castaway Knockoff Things, Hated And Tossed. We will be referring to these objects by their acronym.

Our first entry.

That, my friends, is a treadmill. It was spotted between two of the pine trees that encircle the commuter lot where I park to catch the bus. This is a large lot, with (I’d guess) 300 spaces. Around them are trees. Around the trees is an eight-foot wood fence. There are two doorways in the fence. This treadmill was near neither of them.

Someone went to a great deal of trouble to discard this treadmill here.