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iphone The book list

I just spent the better part of an hour reading the book list from years past, mostly late 2006 and into 2007. The literature year turns over on July 17, and I had pretty well decided to let the thing finally, quietly die this time.

But I now think I’d be doing future me a real disservice if I did. I hate the work it takes but I love the result. And I’ve done some excellent writing within the confines of those little book reviews.

What I want to know is, does/did ANYONE read the book list except me?Now is the time to unlurk and drop me an email, IM, or Twitter message if you even KNEW I’d been keeping track of every book I read since July 17, 1996.

When I was twenty-two.

…because I can migrate it from slithytoves to another WordPress blog, and continue it, if it has an audience of even one person besides me.

iphone Saturday

Got my hair cut. Spent time with Cindy and Pat and the baby. Ate crabs at Captain Pell’s. Saw and enjoyed the hell out of Star Trek.

cat Cat = Moron.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. He’s been messing with the grates on the floor vents for weeks but doing nothing worse than making annoying noises clawing at them and occasionally pulling out a dust bunny or two.


I looked over to the dining room just in time to see his tail disappear into the floor.

I freaked OUT. I took the grate off the nearest other vent, hoping somehow they were connected. I got out the treats. I called him. I wondered who you call in this situation. I wondered if cats can back up. I wondered if there was a place he could turn around, or god forbid a junction where he could get lost.

Then I saw his tail again. It was hard to do, and he was not happy, but he backed all the way out.

And I yelled at him a lot. And put a piece of furniture on the grate.

What do I do? Can I caulk them down?

iphone Itchy and Scratchy

I have a doctor appointment (well, a PA appointment) tomorrow about the itchy bits. I’m afraid I’ll be embarrassed at the very minor problem making me go. Like they’ll laugh at me and tell me to go home and be a grownup about it. But what was an isolated itchy spot is now a series of spots and I feel like a pod person being gradually eaten a tiny piece at a time from the inside.

When you put it that way it doesn’t sound minor, I guess. But I told the scheduling person I had a “rash,” and I’m going to show up with a tiny spot on my arm and really have to spin a yarn to make it make sense that I’m there.

I guess I’m afraid they won’t believe me.

iphone Test post from iphone

Because it’s THERE, that’s why.