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At Max’s school (and I suspect everyone else’s too), they don’t sit “Indian style” anymore. It’s called “criss-cross applesauce.”

For the last few days he’s been singing a song nonstop with the tune of “Ten Little Indians.” Today I wasn’t paying attention to the words and I asked what song it was, because clearly if they can’t sit “Indian-style” they can’t sing about Indians either.

The song IS the same tune, but these are the words:

There’s January, February, March and April
May, June, July and August
September, October, November and December
And those are the months of the year

The damn thing WILL NOT LEAVE MY HEAD.

general Oh, and about the house

I installed the closet system in Max’s closet.

I hung up the giraffe-shaped coat rack in Max’s room.

I hung the letters and stars that spell MAX on Max’s door.

I put a bunch of stuff in the attic, including camping gear away for the season (sniff) and the extra parts for the closet system.

I bought a grill.

I patched the powder-room side of the hole in the wall between the powder room and the laundry.

I hung a towel rod in the upstairs bathroom.

general So that went well.

I had twenty people over last night. We ate a lot of food that looked like other food, we drank a perfectly reasonable amount of wine (including half my Turley stock) and almost all the beer that was cluttering up the place, and we played Beatles Rock Band for hours and hours.

The kids set up a fancy restaurant in the playroom, with tables and tablecloths and real food—the Rice Krispie treat sushi was a big hit—and even Jasper’s “Video Catnip” DVD playing in the background for atmosphere. It was all just adorable.

People sat out on the deck by candlelight in the perfect weather, so we weren’t all crowded into the living room. All the food was really good. And some people even brought me presents, including one of Rick Bayless’s Mexican cookbooks, which yay.

Linda’s sister Diane went above and beyond with cleaning up so there’s nothing today but a few pans in the sink and a dishwasher to empty, not at all the wreck it could have been. I have exactly four beers left, so I know I had enough, which is nice.

And it’s so nice that Damon and Jen and Eileen all got home and Twittered what a fun time they’d had.

family Screenshots from Skype with the baby

Jeff and Sydney


A still from the funny struggle to redress a crying Sydney because the first onesie was too big


Jeff and Sydney again, this time in “a onesie with a little Pooh on it”


general Various things

Michele and Keith’s daughter Siobhan was born Tuesday morning. I shall be meeting her Thursday evening and will share my oohs and ahhs then. Yay for babies, basically.

Cindy and Angela and I went and saw Once tonight. Delightful movie. I’d like to see it again, mostly because I spent the whole time tensed up fearing something awful was going to happen to the people. The movie is tense, but that’s not why, and I’d like to enjoy it more the second time. In any case, the music is just lovely and I think I’m going to download a good bit of it. There are some nice comments on the IMDb board for it; more than one person said they were still thinking about it days or weeks later, like a “movie hangover.” Very apt. There’s also a translation of what the girl says to the guy in Czech, and it’s precisely what I hoped it was.

The plan for after the movie was to eat at an Afghan place nearby, but they closed at 9, so we drove around the block until we found a place to park, and found ourselves outside a Thai restaurant. It was practically empty, and we did in fact witness a car accident directly outside just before we walked in, but the food was good (though what do I know, I’d never been to a Thai place before). I had some spicy duck thing that I liked (I love duck), and the curry puff appetizers were very tasty, especially with this savory-sweet onion and cucumber oil stuff they came with.

I found a new webcomic I like called pictures for sad children. Here’s a panel. It isn’t representative of the strip, but I thought it rang true.


One of the blogs I read, one called Flip Flop Flying, had an entry today that reminded me of one of my favorite movie moments. For me, it’s the moment he belts out “we could be heroes” that floors me, not the fireworks moment a bit later, but still. Great stuff.

media In Paradise

Every time Anna writes about Simone, I think of this song. Every time I hear this song, I think about Simone.

I don’t have the courage to go to Anna’s own page and tell her so, so I’m doing it here instead.

travel Mark, this one’s for you

I present to you the most bershon I have ever been photographed.

Elaine Leaving For Ussr 1990

This was the day I left for Russia on a school trip in the spring of 1990. I have no idea why I was interested in looking so goddamn blasé about it!

kids Good clean family humor

Email from Lisa this afternoon:

First, adorable photo of chubby baby nephew.

Img 2351

Then, request for favor.
“I need you to Photoshop a beer into Rowan’s right hand.”


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kids Mr. Max will see you after your shampoo.

If you are in the habit of reading only the most recent entry, please click “far” to go back one and read about my first day at the new job.

That said, I saw Lin and Max yesterday. They are well.

Cimg0243-1 Cimg0246

Re the theme of the above photos: I love the child, and any lifestyle choices he makes are fine with me.

And yes, Lin’s shirt really says “Now accepting applications.” It’s from Steve & Barry’s.

family High school

Apparently my cousin Matthew (Two of Seven) had his senior picture taken in 1974.



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