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pinterest Try putting brewed c

Try putting brewed coffee in your ice cube trays. When they melt in your drink, they add coffee flavor instead of watering it down.

pinterest Awesome Minimalist m

Awesome Minimalist mountable iPhone Case.

pinterest The Classic 1953 Cor

The Classic 1953 Coronation Chicken Salad Recipe

pinterest Natural heart shapes

Natural heart shapes found in unusual places! #valentinesday

pinterest A former maitre d’ e

A former maitre d' explains why you should NOT eat out in a restaurant on Valentine's Day

pinterest Conversation Hearts:

Conversation Hearts: Little-Known Facts About Sweethearts Candies Made By Necco #valentines

pinterest How to Make the Easi

How to Make the Easiest Valentine’s Day Treat Ever!

pinterest Fiscally Responsible

Fiscally Responsible Gifts That Truly Last a Lifetime #moneysavingtips

pinterest A list of all Conver

A list of all Conversation Hearts sayings from the past 10+ years!

pinterest Who wouldn’t enjoy r

Who wouldn't enjoy receiving a minion card? A simple tutorial to make minion Valentine cards. Can easily be adapted for any holiday or special occasion.

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