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shopping There’s one small lie in this, but I think overall it works.

I just hope it lands on the desk of someone with a little bit of a sense of humor. I didn’t mean to steal your ketchup coupons, I promise!!


shopping Amazon Rank

Amazon Rank

shopping Gotta love those coupon codes


shopping Convergence

Lisa and David bought new furniture for the … I don’t know what to call it. “Basement” seems dismissive. “Rec room” is dated. “TV room” I’ve always hated. Let’s say “downstairs.” They bought new furniture for the downstairs.

In the email telling me what they got, Lisa told a fib.

We also bought this:

Allow me to enlighten you (no pun intended) and save you a click. This is what they sell there.

 Images Les Home2

The first thing I thought of when I saw this was “where have I seen this aesthetic before?” It didn’t take long to figure it out. In fact, it took me far longer to go get the DVD and screen-capture it as evidence. Where I have seen this aesthetic before is in season two, episode something-teen, “The One Where Eddie Moves In.”

Pastedgraphic Pastedgraphic-1

shopping Levenger can read my thoughts, as always

As if the Margin Pad, which looked like and seemed to be and in fact is precisely what I needed, wasn’t good enough, Levenger has apparently been reading my list, where at least a year ago I added a concept product called the Thumb Thing . . .

and have started selling the same thing, called the Digit Reader. The set of four is on its way to my house right now. I had to order them right away just in case the Thumb Thing people weren’t involved and see it and sue.

shopping Good Tuesday Morning find

I bought this game at Tuesday Morning on Saturday. It was $9.99, but it was on 25%-off sale, and then it was on clearance for 10% off. So it was six dollars and seventy-four cents.

And it’s really, really beautiful. I don’t care if I ever play it. I would’ve bought it as a tactile art object.

 Bggimages Pic60776 Sized

I also bought a different Fun Thing for Lisa for her birthday, which is next Thursday. Shhh!

shopping Well, I did it.

CDI paid me, and I … well … I spent some of it.

The accompanying Hogwarts crest–engraved iPod will be in hand tomorrow.

That means, tomorrow I’m going to see STEPHEN KELLOGG AND THE SIXERS at the 9:30 Club, and I have a new iPod.

Also, the job interview this morning went really well. They weren’t nearly as Christian as I’d feared; they just wanted to be sure I was aware of the kind of business they’re in and that I was open to doing it, which is what I was hoping for. We got along well, and supposedly I’ll be talking to someone else soon about technical things. Their whole production staff now is in Orlando, so that will either be a phone interview or I’ll have to wait for them to fly someone up here.

Edited to add:

Check out the help menu on an application I just ran for the first time in months and now realize must have been a beta.



Lately they’ve been having this ring

show up a few times a day. It’s new. I already bought it in lapis lazuli (hasn’t come yet), but this turquoise version is sorely tempting. I couldn’t possibly wear them both at the same time, but oh, the coveting.

shopping Sunday

Sunday I went to Babies R Us with Lisa and David (and Neva and Jo) and got Timber some presents (one big thing, lots of little things, and I can’t find a lot of the good ones online). Lisa picked them all out, and I mean all of them. I did nothing. Lisa even got Timber a present from Lisa. They’ve never even met! I feel kinda bad about the way this worked out, but whatever. Not like I know what Timber will actually need, and I never would have thought of some of the great stuff Lisa put in the cart (rash ointment on a stick like deodorant? brilliant!).

Then we went to Lowe’s, where David helped me buy “natural light” (6500K) fluorescent lights for the kitchen. Check off another thing I’d never learned to buy before, and my kitchen is no longer dark. Bliss.

Then we went to Costco, where I bought a membership somewhat on a whim. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, and probably not worth it at all, but it was kinda fun anyway to walk around the store. I then discovered they sell DVDs. This was bad. I bought Sin City, The Incredibles, and three seasons of Friends. Oh well. At least now that I’m OFFICIALLY unemployed and destitute, I’m entertained.

shopping How awesome is that potato masher gun?!

Spud Trooper – These are Not the Toys You’re Looking For:
spud-trooper-1.jpgThe Spud Trooper is a cute Mr. Potato Head doll with a Storm Trooper mask and potato masher gun. He goes great with Darth Tater. Together, they will crush the Rebel Alliance. They should also have a shriveled up Emperor Tuber-tine and a dashing, yet half-baked, Hash Solo.

Star Wars Spud Trooper Mr. Potato Head [UnCrate]

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