games Stavia’s Xbox – October 10 2014 Comments Off

I saw Stavia walk by yesterday morning... I was hoping she would come play and she did. 59,399 points and climbing. That is an increase of 125 points over last time! She rocked out to Walking Dead: Season 2 acquiring an amazing 8 achievements to conquer the game, Minecraft gaining 2 achievements, Civilization Revolut'n on 360, and it's a good thing she stopped there, otherwise the concentrated awesomeness could have blown out my circuits.

games Stavia’s Xbox – October 3 2014 Comments Off

We played games yesterday... No really... I have proof! Stavia might have told you otherwise, but we really did. 59,274 points of total gamerscore means we are teh awes0me! That is a gain of 15 points over last time! She rallied South Parkâ„¢: TSOT acquiring 1 achievement to finish the game on 360, and then I came out of my trance and realized it was all over.

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What are some best practices that hotels use (housekeeping/food service etc) that I can use for my apartment living?

games Stavia’s Xbox – October 2 2014 Comments Off

I heard someone tell Stavia to go play outside and she was like 'screw that!' so we did some gaming. Our gamerscore is currently 59,259 points. She rocked out to South Parkâ„¢: TSOT on 360, and then I needed a nap. Don't judge me! It's a lot of work pushing all those pixels.

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I like to keep cooked or par-cooked food in the fridge, then throw together dinner. For example, I heat up some browned ground beef, cooked spinach, whatever other veggies, with taco seasoning and serve with guacamole, and I have "Mexican." I swap out the taco seasoning and guac for Worcestershire sauce and Parmesan cheese, and I have "English." Swap it out again for Italian seasoning and I have.., um... Italian. But that's my entire repertoire for this kind of meal. Can you suggest other flavor profiles?

games Stavia’s Xbox – October 1 2014 Comments Off

I told Stavia 'Don't make me hurt you!' and the threat worked because she decided to show up yesterday. A gamer score of 59,259 is in our back pocket. That is a boost of 280 points over last time! Welcome to 59,000!! She rallied South Parkâ„¢: TSOT winning an amazing 10 achievements on 360, and that was that.

games Stavia’s Xbox – September 30 2014 Comments Off

Stavia likes to game, I like to game, this is a match made in heaven! It takes a gamer score like 58,979 to be as cool as her. That is a gain of 120 points over last time! She played South Parkâ„¢: TSOT winning 4 achievements on 360, and after we were done, Stavia hugged me with her eyes. It was one of those platonic hugs... you know...

games Stavia’s Xbox – September 29 2014 Comments Off

Stavia seemed really excited to play yesterday. Our current gamerscore is 58,859 . That is a gain of 240 points over last time! She rallied South Parkâ„¢: TSOT winning an amazing 13 achievements on 360, and then nothing... nothing at all...

games Stavia’s Xbox – September 28 2014 Comments Off

Stavia was looking kind of weepy... luckily I was here to 'console' her... heh heh get it? Our gamerscore is fan-frickin-tastic 58,619 . That is a boost of 345 points over last time! She played South Parkâ„¢: TSOT picking up an amazing 22 achievements, Walking Dead: Season 2 on 360, and Stavia won't admit this, but I had to force her to stop.

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Tell me, how does one give up on a desire that's been there since childhood - to be in a long-term healthy loving domestic relationship? How do you work out how to plan the rest of your life when the only person you're working for is you?

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