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other My mom got me the UV gel nail polish kit I asked for for my birthday. Yay!

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My mom got me the UV gel nail polish kit I asked for for my birthday. Yay!

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Two weeks ago, my oldest cousin visited the nursing home and said to her grandfather, “What can I bring you?” His response was “a shot and a beer?” but what with one thing and another she wasn’t able to get it for him before it was too late.

In honor of that request, and in honor of my great-uncle, whose funeral we attended this morning, the five oldest cousins and I are pretty plastered.

Especially me.

Jack Daniel O’Keefe, February 10, 1913–February 26, 2010

other Internet Explorer Suggested Sites for the win

Yes, Internet Explorer, I think I will go to that last link.

other Editing the dictionary on my computer

One guess whose last name I right-clicked on to get this menu.


other scared of swine flu?

The word “pandemic” might be frightening if it weren’t immediately followed by the number of cases and the number of deaths. But it seems like people stop reading before they see the numbers.


other What was she saying?!

I just went to McDonald’s for lunch. I ordered, and I was asked a question. I have no idea what the question was. I repeated my order. The question was repeated. I said “What?” The question was repeated, along with more words. I said “I don’t understand!” The question was repeated, along with even more words.


And I did. I drove over the median strip, out of the drive-through line, and I drove to Wendy’s. It’s right next door. If you can’t be bothered to find out if someone speaks English before you put them on the drive-through, you don’t deserve to make any money. The Wendy’s is right next door. You gotta be good enough to keep people from jumping ship.

What ever happened to high school kids working in fast food? Do kids not go out and get jobs when they’re 14 anymore? Is it not considered safe by the parents of today? It can’t be about the money. Sure, maybe an adult immigrant will work for less than a teenager, but that’s not up to the teenager. When I worked fast food I made $3.75 an hour, minimum wage at the time. No one made less than that. And I wasn’t given a choice. I quit the marching band and I was told I had to get a job, so I did. It wasn’t up to me to turn that wage down.

Is the option for kids today no longer “get a job or else”? Is it now “get a job if you feel like it”? “Get a job or get an allowance”? “Get a job or just play Xbox after school, we don’t care”? They ride in car seats until they’re ten. They never walk to school. And I guess they aren’t allowed to get jobs?

And what the fuck was that woman trying to ask me?

other Quick verdict on the butterflies, please?

I kind of love them but I won’t love you less if you don’t.

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Every time it polls the StumbleUpon feed, it pulls in all the same items over and over. Trying to fix that.

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