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Tell me, how does one give up on a desire that's been there since childhood - to be in a long-term healthy loving domestic relationship? How do you work out how to plan the rest of your life when the only person you're working for is you?

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JohnO posted a photo:


Loncon 3 - 2014 Hugo Awards Reception

©2014 John O'Halloran
Ohana TyeDye Photography

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I didn't think I would see her yesterday, but Stavia was back and ready for action. Total gamer score is 58,274 points. She rocked out to LEGO® Marvel on 360, and afterwards, there were some awkward stares and silence... you know how it is.

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Stavia likes to game, I like to game, this is a match made in heaven! It takes a gamer score like 58,274 to be as cool as her. She rocked out to LEGO® Marvel on 360, and then... yeah... that was awesome...

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I told Stavia 'Don't make me hurt you!' and the threat worked because she decided to show up yesterday. A gamer score of 58,274 is in our back pocket. She rocked out to LEGO® Marvel on 360, and think of all the things we learned! Ha... look at me still typing this blog entry when there is gaming to do! Let's keep it up Stavia!

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Stavia showed up yesterday and we were like a superhero team together. I make a great sidekick! Gamerscore stands at 58,274. Up up and away right? She played LEGO® Marvel on 360, and oh... don't tell Stavia this, but I have been getting in a little video chat in the off-hours. Booyah!

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Consoles are for playing! I am glad Stavia picked up on that yesterday... Gamerscore is a respectful 58,274 points. That is a profit of 20 points over last time! She played LEGO® Marvel winning 1 achievement on 360, and oh... don't tell Stavia this, but I have been dumbing down the AI lately... I am hoping it keeps her coming back for more! MUHAHAHA!

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Like a queen on her throne, Stavia said 'awaken' and for her I did comply. 58,254 points represents the size of our growing kingdom. Ok, enough of this Monarchy stuff. She played LEGO® Marvel on 360, and... hmmm... I forget what else we did...

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I love to game, you love to game, Stavia loves to game, we all love to game! 58,254 points FTW!!! That is a profit of 120 points over last time! She rallied LEGO® Marvel gaining an amazing 6 achievements on 360, and then I told her to keep playing but she didn't... out of spite I think.

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